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Business Sphere of Enterprise

Production of "RESAN" mineral water consists of three processes:
a) Mineral water mining.
b) Production of empty bottles from PET - material.
c) Mineral water bottling.

The water mining is from the artesian well, situated in the eco-friendly zone.

All the processes: mining, additional filtration, carbonization, production of 0,5-5,0 L. PET bottles, bottling - are automated, they are carried out at the efficient complex technological line, where the Italian, German, Austrian and Japanese equipment is installed.

The first batch of water was produced and sold in Kishinev shops on August 6 , 1996.

Technical equipment

1) Production of PET bottles is at the present time carried out on the following equipment:

- 1 NISSEI ASB PF 6-2B (production of 6 preforms and 2 bottles /1,5 L/ Manufacturer: NISSEI ASB Macuiue Co.Ltd. Japan, from PET - granules.

- 1 - KOSME KSB - 3000, Austria, automat, from preforms.
- 2 - semi/automat, from preforms.

The output of machinery is 120.000 bottles per 24 hours (three shift work). When changing forms it is possible to produce other bottles of 500 to 5000 ml capacity.

2) Bottling of mineral water includes the technological process of water pumping out from the boring well, its purification, mixing with CO2 and bottling of water into PET-bottles. Bottling is carried out on the bottling two lines of AVE S.p.A. type (Italy).

In December, 2000 is install a new line of production AVE S.P.A. (Italy) on bottling in PET - bottles of capacity 0,5 and 1,5 L. (3.500 bottles/h)