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Essay on the History of Enterprise

At the territory of the firm "Fulger" S.R.L., 21 Industriala str., Kishinev, in October- December 1994 there was successfully drilled at the depth of 120m the boring well mineral water, that captures water-bearing horizon in low-middle-sarmatic limestones of neogenic system under No.1, "Kishinevskaya 5".

The results of examination and research of the boring well No.1 led to founding on December 10, 1995 a new Joint-Venture Enterprise "RESAN" for production and sales of the mineral water of "RESAN" brand.

The physical and chemical research work, conducted by Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology, Odessa, (December 1994) and by Prof.Dr.K.Quentin Labs. (Kulmbah-Germany), (September 1995) showed, that water from the boring well No.1 contains such important components, as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, hydrocarbonate and sulphate and others, and it may be used as high-quality drinking water.

Legal Form of Enterprise and its Founders.

The Enterprise was registered as a limited liability company in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova under No.177006740 (of January 19, 1996).

The authorised capital stock of enterprise for the 1 of January 1999 constitutes 310690 Mold. leis.


Mr.H.Rebhan - Germany
Mr.M.Gundermann - Germany
Mr.V.Voronov - Russian
Mr.A.Barg - Moldova

Production area and buildings.

The Joint Venture "RESAN" carries out production works at the industrial premises (including management premises) of the general area of 3738 sq.m, leased at a long date from Moldavian enterprise "FULGER"(the founder Mr. A.Barg), additional industrial and warehouse premises of the area of 5733 sq.m and the boring well for mineral water mining.

Personnel of the Enterprise - 134.

The present position in the market.

RESAN enterprise has its own well-developed sales network on the basis of more, than 100 mobile points (motor vehicles) at the territory of Moldova. The water "RESAN" is sold through more than 700 wholesale storehouses and shops of the country.

At the present time we are in the process of intense search for buyers in Ukraine, Russia and in the market of Moldova. In February, 2001 the researches were conducted and the sanction of the Ministry of Public Health of Israel was got to deliver the water "RESAN" to the importers in Israel.

We are interested in the markets of the USA, Canada, Australia, North and South Africa, Middle East, the countries of Arabian peninsula, the countries of Latin America.