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Victory of "RESAN" water at the International Contest "APA CRISTALINA-2004".

In May of this year, in Kishinev took place the prestigious annual International Water Testing “APA CRISTALINA-2004” between the largest manufacturers from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and the Ukraine. It took place at the exhibition “FOOD and Drinks, Food Technology”. The International contest was held in different water categories: natural mineral waters, medicinal table waters and potable waters.

The qualified judges from the specialized Moldavian control organization performed the preliminary product selection and recommended the chosen waters for anonymous participation in the contest.

The natural mineral waters, in which “RESAN” was included, were judged based on different features, on a grade system. The specialists, members of the International Jury, anonymously and without companies’ representatives tested the water samples according to appearance, taste, smell, carbonization, aftertaste, and so on.

The Jury of the International contest awarded the natural mineral water “RESAN” with the honorary first place and a gold medal. This is confirmed by official documents, received from the contest organizers.