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The natural mineral water "RESAN" was awarded with "Sign of Honour 2003".

Based on the results of 2003, the natural table mineral water "RESAN" was awarded with "Sign of Honour 2003" in a rate "Mineral and sweet carbonated water".

"Sign of Honour" is an annual competition between all commercial trade marks, which is conducted by the well-known newspaper in Moldova "Komsomolskaya Pravda" independent of country production, absolutely honest, founded on the real choice of the Moldavian customers. The competition is based on trade-mark winners' national fame, the mark-winner should develop the highest opinion about itself between the analogues and should win the customers' confidence. The competition's winners are defined by the results of independent vote of Moldavian customers.

The "Sing of Honour" means that these goods have been considered the best by the majority of the Moldavian customers' opinion.