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2004 – In Kishinev at the International Water Testing “Apa Cristalina-2004”, “RESAN” water was awarded with a gold medal in the category “natural mineral water”.

2003 - In Kishinev the winner at the tasting of mineral water contest "Apa Cristalina - 2003" at the Exhibition "Food & Drinks".

2003 - In Odessa at the VII International Specialized Exhibition-Tasting "AQUABEER-2003" was awarded with a gold medal in the category: "Natural drinking medicinal-table mineral water".

2000 - In Kishinev at the 7th International Specialized Exhibition "Food & Drinks, Food Technology", "RESAN" water was presented with the "Grand-Prix" .

2000 - In Odessa at the V International Exhibition "AQUABEER & INFOOD - 2000", was decorated with the gold medal for noncarbonated natural table waters.

1999 - In Odessa at the tasting contest of natural mineral table waters at the IV International Exhibition "AQUABEER & INFOOD - 99", "RESAN" water was awarded with the gold medal .

1999 - In Kiev at the tasting contest within the IV International Drinks Exhibition "ALCO+SOFT'99", it earned 3rd place and was endowed with third degree diploma .

1998 - In Saint-Petersburg at the tasting contest within the International Exhibition "Saint-Petersburg Beer Auction", "RESAN" was awarded with the bronze medal.