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The taste of "RESAN" water is pleasant, and production in two kinds: sparkling and uncarbonated. It consists of unique composition of mineral salts and microelements, which are so essential for people. In its essence the "RESAN" water is a generous gift, which the nature gave to people, having a knowledge of the culture of food and drinks, who take care of their health and health of their children. The undoubted merits of "RESAN" mineral water are conditioned by its low mineralization and possibility of its daily use for quenching and cooking food. The water was analysed in Germany at Prof. Dr. K. Quentin Labs. (Kulmbach) and in UK at International Association of Hydrogeologists. By its physical and chemical composition it belongs to the group of slightly mineralized sulphate-hydrocarbonate sodium-magnesium mineral waters.

The chemical composition of the water confirms it in August 25, 2009.

Cations mg/dm3
(Na+, K+)      113,4
Ca2+             56,8
Mg2+             114,0
Anions mg/dm3
SO42-          349,0
HCO3-         510,0
Cl-                58,2
Mineralizition 1,260 g/dm3 CO2
Expiry period: 12 months
pH value, measured directly after opening of the bottle - 7,9

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has recognized the mineral water "RESAN" as a kosher product. The food, prepared in compliance with kosher laws, abides by very strict sanitary-hygienic requirements. The Kosher Certificate of conformity and quality is awarded to products only after a series of thorough tests.

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